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This memorial website was created in the memory of my one and only son, Scotty Purcell who was born in Brownwood,Texas on May 04, 1977 making his appearance a full month early,Scotty lived life to the fullest! Everyone who knew him, looked to him for guidance and advice. When things got bad, they would go to him to get a lift up. But when his friends needed him to lift them the most....He was gone, so they were left to carry on. He left this world on October 13, 1993 at the age of 16, at an unprotected rural rail crossing just down the road from our home. Thank God, it is now equipped with lights and gates as of November 13, 2006. With music being his life blood, his song lives on in all our hearts. We will remember him forever. He will always be my "Booger Bear"!

"His life was like a song he wrote, in his own note and key. 
Each life he touched reflects a note that forms the melody.
He chose the theme and chorus of the song to bear his name. 
And each one has a specail sound, no two can be the same. 
So from this world Scotty departs, in memory we find
His song plays on  within the hearts, of those he left behind."- Mom
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tomorrow is 25 years   / Mom (Mom)
Tomorrow marks 25 years since you left me here behind. This has been an eternity without you. I miss you so very much. So much in life has changed since that day. Your friends have grown up and now their children have grown up. I sometimes wonder wha...  Continue >>
24 years and I still miss you!!   / LaFreda Kilburn (Mom)
Today marks 24 years that you have been gone from my arms and my sight. I love you my son, forever and a day. I look to the clouds to see signs of love from you, and all the butterflies you send to speak to me. For no matter the years you have been g...  Continue >>
Happy 40th Birthday in Heaven   / Mom Of Scotty (Mom)
Happy Birthday son! I know you are rocking out in Heaven this day. But Maybe at 40 not kicking your heels as high! This day 40 years ago was so hard and crazy....but out of that crazy came a beautiful 5lb 4oz.little bundle of life! Tiny little box of...  Continue >>
23 years   / LaFreda Kilburn (Mom)
Here we are Scotty, 23 years since you left me behind. So many years have gone by, but my love for you, son, will never die. Seems this year, I miss you more than ever. My arms long for one of those "Million Dollar Bear Hugs", we use to have. Those b...  Continue >>
22 years   / LaFreda Kilburn (Mom)
22 years is too many for a Mom to go without her son to hold and hug. Our love goes on forever, but my arms are empty...Scotty, I know you have a wonderful life with your granny and granddaddy! I miss you all.Today I will try to do something wonderfu...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday, Son  / LaFreda Kilburn (Mom)    Read >>
Merry Christmas  / LaFreda Kilburn (Mom)    Read >>
21 years since you left  / LaFreda Kilburn (Mom)    Read >>
Happy 37th Birthday!  / Mom     Read >>
Happy Valentine Day  / LaFreda Kilburn (Mom)    Read >>
Merry Christmas in Heaven  / LaFreda Kilburn (Mom)    Read >>
20 years  / LaFreda Kilburn (Mom)    Read >>
Happy Birthday  / LaFreda Kilburn (Mom)    Read >>
19 years  / LaFreda Kilburn (Mom)    Read >>
Happy Easter  / LaFreda Kilburn (Mom)    Read >>
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His legacy
His Music lives on  
Scotty wrote several songs before his death. One of these being "Father of the New World". This song was put to music after his death. 
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